Jade Buddha ( T’ang period ) 敦煌玉佛

jade buddha face

Jade Buddha face

jade buddha back

Jade Buddha back    

敦煌玉佛  此尊玉佛高41.5cm  无论取材,雕功,造形都拿捏得唯妙唯俏。 其殊胜处在于你向它凝视时, 慢慢的将会被引入寂静的境界, 真是妙不可言。  能获此尊佛宝,其实有一段机缘,为我的收藏圈里流传一段佳话: 谓之李府三更三瓶演三国。备注。。

2 Responses to “Jade Buddha ( T’ang period ) 敦煌玉佛”

  1. This Jade Buddha looks very serene and authentic. I will like to find out more about it. Please let me know if I can view it as I may be interested in purchasing it. Thank you.

  2. 谢谢你的回应, 如你到狮城来, 请给电邮, 一切再议。tks !

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