Phra NangPhaya, Phitsanuloke.拍南拍雅

Phra NangPhaya, Phitsanuloke.

Phra NangPhaya, Phitsanuloke.

Phra NangPhaya amulets were made during the end of Sukhothai dynasty around 550 years ago.  The Kru was opened up from Wat NangPhaya Phitsanuloke around B.E.2442-2444 (1889-1891 A.D.) for the first time.  The amulets compounds are mainly earth materials mixed with flower petals, gravels and sands.  These amulet textures are rather coarse but there are also textures with little gravels and sands.  There are in colors namely; yellow, red, green and black.
The prints can be classified into 6 major forms namely Bending Knee Print, Straight Knee Print, Big Swollen Chest Print, Shoulder Cloth Print, God Print, and Small Swollen Chest Print.  In addition to being the NangPhaya amulet family grouping, it is famous for amazing powers on charming and being safe from all dangers.  The other excellent quality of Phra NangPhaya amulets is not being killed by any weapons.

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