Dzi Beads Tibetan bead-Nine eyes dzi 九眼天珠

至尊双线九眼天珠 9.5cm

至尊双线九眼天珠 9.5cm

天珠又称 “ 天眼珠 ”,主要产地在西藏、藏东、不丹、锡金、拉答克等喜马拉雅山域,是一种稀有宝石。天珠为九眼石页岩,含有玉质及玛瑙成份,为藏密七宝之 一,史书记载为 “ 九眼石天珠 ” 。西藏人至今仍认为天珠是天降石。 天珠的藏语发音为 “思怡” ( DZI ),为美好、威德、财富之意,而梵文是以 “ 昧自尬 ” 称呼 天珠。

4 Responses to “Dzi Beads Tibetan bead-Nine eyes dzi 九眼天珠”

  1. I interested this 9 eye Dzi! Dont know I can invide for offering! How much?

  2. Fanliss Yew Says:

    Please let me know what is the price? I’m in KL!

  3. I would like to invide your this 9 eye dzi for offering. Please let me know how? Please let me know ASAP! Thank You!

  4. Hi! Next week on 7th oct thursday i will in Singapore! Hope I can see the item! Thank You! By the way , can you tell me the age of this 9 eye bead? Thank!

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