Phra Luangpu Thuad, Ivory image 显圣高僧龙波托

Phra Luangpu Thuad, Ivory,

Phra Luangpu Thuad, Ivory,

This Luangpu Thuad pendant was made  in Wat Changhai, Pattanee,  using  antique ivory  from an ancient Woolly Mammoth, put 2497Thuad powder and Lek-Lai in the bottom base. This pendant is commissioned specially for the temple’s committee and is rare because it is a limited edition issue.

此尊龙波托佛像是由越昌海理事用已绝迹的万年毛象牙雕刻而成,佛像下方塞有2497经粉和一粒矿石, 于佛历2539发行, 数量希少。

2 Responses to “Phra Luangpu Thuad, Ivory image 显圣高僧龙波托”

  1. Are u selling,what is the price

  2. Which year was it made?

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