Phra Rod, Wat Mahawan,南奔府玛哈湾-拍洛

Phra Rod

Phra Rod

南奔府 “ 越玛哈湾佛窟, 拍洛屏艾 “ 佛像。

Phra Rod, size large, Gru Wat Mahawan, LamPhun.

Phra Rod is one of the Five Grand set with Phra Somdej Wat Rakang as the leading amulet.  In Thailand, it is named “Phra Rod Yard Nirantaray” literally translated as an amulet for being safe from all dangers.  In addition they have Buddhistic quality in bringing good fortune and charming apart from being safe from all dangers and disasters.”

One Response to “Phra Rod, Wat Mahawan,南奔府玛哈湾-拍洛”

  1. is this available too? how much and i want 2, and this amulet how long ago?

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