Phra Ra-Hu, Phitsanuloke. 啦胡天神

Phra Ra-Hu ( Rahula )

Praying to Rahu
When you are in Good Luck, Praying to RaHu will Enhance your luck;
When you are in any Misfortune –
Praying to RaHu will Minimize your misfortunes.

Possessed special spiritual values with respect to :

  1. For Good Business
  2. For courage in taking Risk or investment
  3. For Patience and intelligence
  4. For Progress
  5. For Wealth
  6. For Good Luck
  7. For Success
  8. For Successful contact or Errands

拜祭 “啦胡” 的原因;
当你在行好运的时候, 拜或配戴 “啦胡” 将提高您的运气
当你运气不是太好的时候, 拜或配戴 “啦胡” 将会降低你的霉运与不幸.

“啦胡” 天神的神奇功能:

  1. 生意兴隆
  2. 面对风险或投资的勇气
  3. 耐性与智慧
  4. 进展
  5. 财富
  6. 好运
  7. 成功
  8. 人缘

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