Phra Somdej Ketchaiyo 7-tiered pendant , 拍颂绿越极猜唷佛像

Phra Somdej Ketchaiyo, 7-tiered popular style, Angthong.

泰国~安通府 , “ 拍颂绿越吉猜育 – 七层屏尼荣颂绿佛像 “

Phra Somdej Ket Chai Yo, 7-tiered popular style, AngThong.  Bangkok.

Phra Somdej Ketchaiyo was the first to be made during King Rama IV period and were either given away or hidden in the chedi of Wat Chaio Woraviharn in AngThong province.

It is believed that they were made as a merit devoted to his mother and grandfather as his mother’s hometown is near Wat Chaiyo and her maiden name was Ket, Chai was his grandfather’s name and hence the amulet is called Phra Somdej Ketchaiyo.

It is believed that Phra Somdej could bring good luck, protection, confidence, justice, intelligence and success to the wearer.

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