Phra Luangpu Thuad, Wat Changhai, B.E.2497


for show only

Phra LuangPu Thuad , Herbal made


Phra Rod mould, B.E.2497



AJ Tim 4

created by Archan Tim

Wat Changhai


8 Responses to “Phra Luangpu Thuad, Wat Changhai, B.E.2497”

  1. What is the price of the above 2497 amulet.
    If i can get 2500 or 2505 LP Thuad amulet which is good.
    What will the price be for 2500 or 2505 batch.

    Many Thanks.

  2. 2497 luang pu thuad what is the price? beside amulet isnt hv 3 inches of 2497 B.E?cast altar 2497 B.E wahn made the lap 3 inches wide.

  3. teoh chun siang Says:

    how much is the market price of luang phor thuad phim pra rod BE 2497 wat changhai by achan tim??

  4. oh ! is very high valuables !

  5. teoh chun siang Says:

    i have one, want to rent out. any body interested?

  6. Lovely ! this amulet have collector’s monetary investment value…… so what yr asking ???

  7. Anonymous Says:

    around 15k

  8. teoh chun siang Says:


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