LuangPu Thuad, Wat SaiKow Bullet Takurt

Phra LuangPu Thuad image


Bullet Takurt (Set)

face: LuangPu Thuad

rear: Archan Tim and Ajahn Nong

created by Ajahn Nong


Wat SaiKow



所以大師圓寂后,此 心法密咒隨同失傳!據媚南詹女神所說,此心法密咒可以抵擋迴遮一切降頭!它能讓惡咒降頭的力量反弹回到心術邪惡的施術者身上!

阿占侬大師把媚南詹女神所傳 授的心法密咒加持於所督製的佛牌!以心法密咒加持过的符管称“那萊班路”(NaraiPengRoop)打固,意思是有千變萬化能力的打固符管。

上图是阿占侬2514年(头帮)制的“那萊班路” 符管。“那萊班路” 符管功效:心術邪惡的施術者只是“想”要施惡咒降頭,都会被此心法密咒反弹回到施術者身上!

Ajahn Nong sacred Bullet Takurt

Ajahn Nong, the former abbot of Wat Saikow created  a sacred bullet takrut known as Narai Plangroop,

 (believed to protect the worshipper from all dangers, enemies and black magic power)

This is one of the most sort after takruts and rarely do they become available on the market.

We would recommend this takrut highly and any discerning purchaser will have no hesitation in purchasing this most desirable amulet.

3 Responses to “LuangPu Thuad, Wat SaiKow Bullet Takurt”

  1. Chin Yen Says:

    Please advise what is the price for the Achan Nong ‘neng rai peng roop’?

  2. Is this amulet for sale?

  3. How much boss

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