Khun Paen, Wat Bang Krang, SuphanBuri.

Phra Khunpan, Wat Bang Krang, SuphanBuri.

Phra Khun Paen, 5-sided shaped big chest style, Gru Bang Krang, SuphanBuri.

素攀府 , “ 窟曼干 – 拍坤平屏哈亷屋艾 ”  ( 五角大胸狀 ) 佛像 。

SUPHAN-BURI  ~  Wat Bang Krang, Phra Khun Paen, this antique amulet is over 400+ years old.   * Khun Paen was the name of a legendary Thai general who won various victories in wars.  Apart from being a skilful swordsman, he was believed to possess great magical power, as it was believed that this amulet can grant the wearer with great personal protection against evil, harms and dangers. Many who had heard about Wat Bang Krang Khun Paen amulets also must have known about its efficiency in improving one’s popularity and enhancing social relationship with people around.

One Response to “Khun Paen, Wat Bang Krang, SuphanBuri.”

  1. is there any price for that amulet?

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