Victorious Knife – made by Luang Phor Joy

Meed Mor, ivory cover 3.5cm

Meed Mor, ivory cover 23.5cm

此降魔刀乃 Nakhon Sawan, Wat Si Utung Pong 龙波崔大师限量制作, 龙波崔乃一代大师龙波能 ( Luangpu Doem ) 的入室弟子, 尽得龙波能的真传. 相传如拥有一把大师制作的降魔刀, 无论到何方何地, 任何魍魉邪魔皆都迴避之。

It is believed that this Victorious/Magical knife ( Meed Mor ) is energized with the power of:

1, Confidence.   2, Courage.   3, Protection.   4, Exorcism evil.

5, Victory.   6, Defeating negative forces such as black magic.

LP Doem downloadLP Doem

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