Indian Phra Somdet Meta, 颂绿、佛陀法相

Somdet Meta

Somdet Meta

This Phra Somdet Meta image is obtained from one of  the Royal Temples in Thailand. The monk of the temple told me that this image, named  “ Luangpu Meta ” ,  is from India. It is made from Indian holy soil.

The rear face of the amulet imprinted the four phases: Birth of Buddha, Enlightenment of the Truth, Preaching of Buddha, and Attainment of Nirvana.

此尊罕见之  “  颂绿 佛陀法相 ”  乃笔者和 大城府寺院主持结缘所得, 笔者从未见过此类佛牌, 据该寺院主持云; 此佛牌乃印度僧人来与泰国僧人作佛法交流时赠送给该寺院的,佛牌质地采用印度当地特有的圣土制作; 其佛像名为 “ 颂绿 觅达 ”


而颂绿背面刻画了佛陀修行的四个过程; 即 佛出世、佛悟道、佛说法、佛涅盘 。。。。

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