Medicine Buddha ( Phra Kring – Wat Suthat )

Phra Kring

Phra Kring

Phra Kring, Medicine Buddha, Wat Suthat, was consecrated in year B.E.,2546, and blessed in Super Grand Ceremony for 9 days and nights, non-stop mass chanted by Top monks, made from sacred Nawa-Loha metal and mixed old Phra Kring amulets.

Phra Kring Buddha, base

The spiritual valurs of PHRA KRING (Medicine Buddha) “药师佛” with possessing charms and Increase good health, improve good luck and business luck, unimaginable wealth, overcome all odds, You can achieve success.

Wat Suthat was begun by King Rama I (1782-1809), founder of the Chakri dynasty, soon after his coronation. It was continued by Rama II (1809-24) and completed by Rama III (1824-51).

6 Responses to “Medicine Buddha ( Phra Kring – Wat Suthat )”

  1. How much u sale !Pls let me know ,tq

  2. 1k

  3. Anonymous Says:


  4. 还有吗?老板!

  5. How much this pendant cost?

  6. I had a beautiful Phra Khring buddha from Wat Suthat in a golden housing and golden chain. It got stolen in Nakhon Sawan 10 years ago.

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