An amazing Takruts, Luang Phor Chamlong


Luang Phor Chamlong - an amazing Takruts

An amazing Takruts, created by Luang Phor Chamlong, Wat Chedi Deang.

Little needs to be said about this amazing Takrut, the video says its all. Furthermore the name itself suggests the inherent properties, Takrut Tone means the “one and only” and offers extreme protection from weapons and a long life. This Takrut is also ideal for attraction and Matta ~ (love, kindness)

Made from lead plate used for lining coffins,  engraved with the sacred yant Chaliao Petch, rolled and laced with holy thread before coloring, lacquering and gilding

The power of the takrut is demonstrated as Luang Phor Chamlong blesses a worshipers back with sacred water and attempts to pierce the flesh ten times.
During the video it is further explained that such protection is based on a very strong belief and respect for the takrut.

An amazing Takruts Video show LIVE 神奇符卷现场录像

2 Responses to “An amazing Takruts, Luang Phor Chamlong”

  1. hello.. im interested with ur Takrut, and i want to know what is the size of this Takrut and what is the price do u sell? and u have how many style of Takrut made by LP chamlong? thank u..
    pls email me on my Yahoo.( )
    thank’s again..

  2. dear ahaina,
    i have a spiritual traveling group whom interested with all kind of holy things in thailand… amuletes, takrut, mitmorr etc.. but we dont have trusted link over there whom can take us to the Luang Phor and buy that all kind off holu things…

    hopefully you can help us. thanks a lot…


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