An amazing belt comprising sacred scroll

Amazing Takurt, 神奇的腰带护身符筒

Amazing Takurt, 神奇的腰带护身符筒

An amazing belt comprising copper sheet sacred scroll, 12cm (Thang-khai) or Takurt, created by Luang Phor Tea, 1st batch, Wat SamNgan, Nakhonpatom.

The amazing monk Luang Phor Tea, The Sacred Scroll  “Takurt”  helps to escape from dangers and enhances safety.

护身符筒,也俗称 “塔谷” 马来文译为 “当卡” (TUNGKAL), 制作前先把 经心文字 刻在铜片、银片或金片上,接下来是把这些金属片卷起来形成管状,以尼龙线卷起来。将“当卡”绑在腰部或是挂在颈项相信会保护和避难及灾难的发生并对持有者带来人缘!

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