Belt comprising sacred scroll, L P Tat, 护身符筒

An amazing belt comprising sacred scroll

An amazing belt comprising by alloy of lead sheet sacred scroll, 8cm (Thang-khai) or Takurt, created by Luang Phor Tat,  Wat Chaina, Petchburi.

The amazing monk Luang Phor Tat, The Sacred Scroll  “Takurt”  helps to escape from dangers and enhances safety, This Takrut is also ideal for attraction and Matta ~ (love, kindness)

銮菩达护身符筒,或译为 “当卡” (TUNGKAL), 制作过程大师边诵经边把经心文字刻画书写在铅片上,然后再把这些金属片卷起来形成管状,一气呵成不能间断,才算大功告成,而此类“当卡”最大特点是不存任何避忌!


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