The most precious Relic, 珍贵的佛牙舍利

The Tooth Relic is house in this golden castet placed securely in the inner chamber of the Dalada Maligawa.

The most precious Relic – 珍贵的佛牙舍利

Sri Dalada – the Sacred Tooth Relic – now housed in the Temple of the Tooth in Kandy, Sri Lanka’s hill capital is the most venerated object by millions of Buddhists throughout the world.

In the ninth year (312 A.D.) of the reign of the Anuradhapura King Sirimeghavanna (303-331 A.D.). The Tooth Relic was brought by a princess disguised as a Brahmin lady, Princess Hemamala, the daughter of King Guhaseeva of Dantpura (Orissa) was accompanied by Prince Danta, his son-in-law. The King received the Relic with honour, kept it in a shrine within the Royal Palace and held an annual festival at which it was taken in procession to the Abhyagiri Vihara and exhibited to the people.

Foreign invasions and civil war disturbed the peace in the country from time to time and often resulted in the destruction of temples. The monks, however, ensured the protection of the Tooth Relic by taking it away from the capital and hiding it in various places. The Relic was brought back when peace dawned.

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  1. oh my god.. this must be damn beautiful… doubt you have that right? must be super expensive!

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