Phra Somkor, 甘烹碧 – 顺哥

Phra Soomkor Kamphang, size medium,


This medium size Phra Somkor amulet is sometimes called ‘Buddha of Fortune’.  It was said that when an inscription was found, what written in the chidi was: “Poverty will never fall on those who possess this amulet”.  The amulets were from Kamphengphet province.  The buddha image seems to have a mixture of Sukhothai style and Sri Lankan style and they are estimated to be made approximately 500 years ago.  A layer of calcium covers the surface of the buddha penant, thus proving authenticity of its ancient history.

One Response to “Phra Somkor, 甘烹碧 – 顺哥”

  1. is it for sal;e ?

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