Phra Pong Suphan, 拍逢素攀佛像(吉祥佛)

Pong Suphan Buddha

Pong Suphan Buddha

The Grand Five Buddha  :  Phra Pong Suphan Buddha Pendant,  SuphanBuri.

These amulets are from the PAGODA of Wat Maha That in Suphan Buri province and are estimated to have a history of about 500 – 600 years.

Phra Pong Suphan comes in a triangular shape with the Buddha seated in ” Manvichai ” posture.

Phra Pong Suphan is the superb Buddha amulet of  ” U -Thong ” art, in which all mighty powers were combined, and is deserved to be known as one of the five “Grand Five Buddha” amulets forever.

Thai people believe it could bring good luck and wealth to the wearer.

五方佛之 ~ 素攀府 , 拍逢素攀佛像~吉祥佛

拍逢素攀佛像乃于佛历约二四五六年素攀武里府, 玛哈塔寺的古舍利塔里被发现的,当开塔时发现许多金和银制成的叶子以及拍逢素攀佛像 ; 叶片上刻有记载是由当时二世王和僧侶及信众所制造留存 (佛历一九六七 至 一九九一年 )。   ~ 而古舍利塔是建于 “ 悟通 “ 时代 , 至今约500 – 600 年历史 。

拍逢素攀佛像是依据 “ 悟通 “ 时代佛像的特徵而制作的 , 呈長三角型 ~  计有老年 , 中年, 青年形等佛模型体 。  泥质聖土有黑、白、黄、青、 红等颜色 ~ 混合植物的莖叶和花瓣所制造, 而佛像的背面都会留下制作者的指纹 。

拍逢素攀佛像具有超强的感应能量, 是故泰国佛教信徒都非常渴望能拥有该佛像, 相信佛力能带来幸运和财富 ~ 和不可思夷的神奇力量 。。。。。也因此被列为五方佛之一  , 吉祥佛

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