Phra Nang Phaya, Phitsanuloke 南拍雅佛像

彭世洛府 “拍南拍雅-慈悲佛佛像”

The Number One Amulet of Phitsanulok Phra NangPhaya,


Straight knees and hands on knees style,

This is a pyramid shaped clay amulet of a seated Buddha with slightly oversized head, board and straight shoulders, seated with right hand touching the ground in victory or in as hand posture of subduing demon.

They are from chedis in Phitsanuloke Province, the major findings are from Wat Nang Phaya where the name speaks for itself. It wa claimed that they were made by Queen Visutkasatri, wife of King Mahadharmaraja, mother of King Naresuan the Great over 400 years ago.

Some of the similar amulets were discovered from Wat Rajburana which the Queen has repaired during her reign. People who wear it claim it also provide them with great fortune and loving kindness. Especially for male who wear it.

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