Phra Yod Thong Buddha 耀通佛祖

耀 通 佛 祖,大模 (9 x 5公分)

Phra Yod Thong, size large. 9 x 5cm

Buddha Yod-Thong amulet powerful blessing protection from all dangers misfortune, protect from curse evils/darkness. Destroy all obstacles in life fortune. To be bless with great wisdom, wearer can get through all obstacles and the blessing to bring great fortune into life.


耀通佛祖: 功能增强灵感、智慧与勇气、可免除一切灾难与不幸,可破除邪恶诅咒、黑暗,破坏阻碍、披荆斩棘、峰回路转、扭转时运、得富贵功名。


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