Somdej Wat Rakang Value : T฿25,000,000.00

My Somdej Wat RaKang Collection

somdej wrk content_31573_510283463

I found a Somdej Wat Rakang listed on

My Somdej Wat Rakang

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I found a Somdej Wat Rakang listed on

สถานที่: กรุงเทพ, กรุงเทพและปริมณทล, ไทย

วันที่ประกาศโฆษณา:  ก.ย. 23

  • ราคา:  ฿25,000,000
  • 颂绿 越拉康 的市场价值
  • 泰币25,000,000
  • SomdejToh

     Somdej Buddhajahn Toh Phromrangsi

    17 April 1788 ~ 22 June 1872

    B.E.2331 ~ B.E.2415


26 Responses to “Somdej Wat Rakang Value : T฿25,000,000.00”


  2. yes somdej wrk can be this price, even more, up to 40million bath right now . But not every of it . i think the above 2 pcs is around 4 to 7 million bath each..

  3. Hi, Thank you for your Kind comment !

    Cheers Ahaina


  4. I have a piece of somdet n a piece of somkor which I want to put up for sale. If anyone is interested, you can e-mail me at Thank you…Chai

  5. […] Somdej Wat Rakang Value : T฿25,000,000.00 11 comments January […]

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Can be purchased for about SGD200,000 which is a competition piece. But must be careful because it is not liquid, and when you sell back to the dealers, the loss is very bad, more than 50% loss.

  7. hello friends ,,, i have a amulet ,but i am not sure it from wat rakang or not ,,,my friend offer me Rm 20,000….can any one tell me this amulet it a real one and from Wat rakang ???

  8. Anonymous Says:

    ekchoong, pls show a picture of your amulet and lets see

  9. Please send picture !


  10. christian Says:

    i have and i think i have identified my amulet as a somdej prokbodhi Lp nak wat rakang early 2480s or 2490s ? how do i send photos ?my thai friends say they want lol and say worth over 1million baht i have 2 1know is not that old other no sure the i have lived in thailand many years and just collect coz i like

  11. I have a Somdet and a Somkor amulet for sale, interested party can reach me at email: , thanks ….. Chaipod

  12. Hello i have a Somdej Wat Rakang for sale now. Are some one intrested give me your e mail i send photo. Thanks

  13. 30

  14. lee kalvin Says:

    Please advise the price of somdej munkumprum at

  15. Phra Somdej Wat Rakhang

    Phim Yai or Okra Bock ?

  16. Bro i have a somdej wat rakang with cert and want to let go

  17. Anonymous Says:

    Where to post a picture of somdej toh

  18. I have one pc. Somdej WatRaKang 142 Yrs.
    Serious Genuine Interested Collector please contact me immediately. I can also be reach at my Thailand mobile number + 66 (0) 989 24 1628.
    Extremely Urgent Funds Needed.

  19. Thanks for the opportunity give to us to comment about the Somdej Toh Buddha Amulet,execuse me,may I be the supplier to sell and promote this amulet in Indonesia especially in West Kalimantan?because I believe this Buddha Amulet ca protect the person who believe it and can save the person when we have danger situation.
    Thanks forvrhe attention and I hopefully can have any answer about this.
    Yours sincerly.

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