Phra Kring Khao Kong

Wat Khao Kong, B.E.2509


图上的立体佛像小金身为Phra Kring Khao Kong, Wat Khao Kong 的第一期立体佛牌金身制作于佛历 2509年(西元1968年),这款金属制的立体小金身加入了很多著名大师的佛牌以及符筒溶制筹做而成的。

于此帮B.E 2509 龙婆考空立体小金身念经加持的师傅有除了有:

阿占南 Wat DonSaLa , 

Archan Tim, Wat ChangHai 外还有:

Archan Nong, Wat SaiKao

Luang Phor Dam, Wat Tuyong

Luang Phor Meaung, Wat TaHaen

Luang Phor Nak, Wat RaKang

Phor Than Saeng, Wat KlongNamJet

Phor Than Seng,Wat LaemSai

Luang Phor Dee, Wat TanYongMat

Luang Phor Deang, Wat Choeng Khao

以及 Archan Chum ChaiKhiri

Khao Kong Buddhist Park
142 rai of land located at Phu Lam. The route from downtownNarathiwat – Rangae. (Highway 4055), about 9 kilometers to see Wat Khao Kong, And auspicious Buddha Thaksin Ming Pang Pathomthetsana sit cross-legged gold diamond on a hilltop.Arts South Indian currency Engineering. Year 2509 began building when completed in the year 2512 the Lord is concrete and decorated with gold mosaic Nhatak width 17 meters high measured from the south Poraepola Kate Bua Tum to 24 meters.Classified as a beautiful outdoor Buddha and the largest in the South. Hill next to the child Jedi Siri Maha Maya has a bell Above the arch and four more stages toward the Jedi. The statue of Brahma. Grand Buddha’s relics on the top contains the sacred hill.Next ball, he also is home to one of the temple. Outside the four walls decorated earthenware carving Elephant fall behind offering lotus Form a warrior with a golden angel holding decanter presented.

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  1. 請問以上這尊phra kring kaow kong 2509 還有嗎?多少錢?

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