Phra Pidta U TaMoh, by LuangPu Waen

Phra Pidta U TaMoh – 1st batch

created by LuangPu Waen

Wat Doi Mae Pang 


泰北高僧 銮菩源

LuangPu Waen Sujino

6 February 1883 – 2 July 1985

(B.E.2431 – B.E.2528)

Luang Phu Waen Sujino was the direct disciple of Ajarn Mun Buriddatto.
This Phra Pidta as shown is known as Phra Pidta U-TaMoh created and consecrated by LuangPu  Waen was made of Nur Nawa material.
Dharma Wheel.svg

One Response to “Phra Pidta U TaMoh, by LuangPu Waen”

  1. Hello i wonder where can I find LP Waen phra pida ?

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