Luang Phor Kob, (Roop Lor) Wat Tham Salika

Luang Phor Kob

Wat Tham Salika


Luang Phor Kob is ranked as one of the most famous Thai guru monk by Thai people. No one knew exactly where he came from and when he was born. However, most people believed that he came from China’s Yunnan Province and he was a Hokkien by dialect.

The lift story of him is filled with mysteries and miracles. Luang Phor Kob stayed in Wat Kham Salika, Lopburi which is about 180 km from Bangkok.

On one occasion, the weather was bad stormy and heavy downpour flooded the village. Being an old temple, the people were worried if it could withstand the bad weather. Noticing that his disciples were worried, Luang Phor Kob told them not to worry as the rain was was going to stop and indeed, the rain did stop. Soon after his disciples became hungry. At that time, they heard frogs croaking outside, which made them hungry. No one dared to ask permission from Luang Phro Kob to catah frogs. Luang Phor Kob, as if reading their minds,told them to catch some frogs to eat. They were happy and went to catch the frogs, but after an hour they still didn’t manage to catch the frogs. They had no choice but to the temple disappointed and hungry. On seeing that, Luang Phr Kob took a basket and returned with it fifteen minutes later, with the basket full of frogs! He instructed them to eat the frogs only within the temple and not to bring them home. But one disciple took a few home secretly. When he reached home, to his surprise, the frogs are no longer there and in their place were leaves with magical yants written on them! He immediately went back to find Luang Phor Kob to seek forgiveness. This incident earned Luang Phor Kob the name ” Kob” which means frog in Thai language.

Luang Phor Kob was well-respected monk who had saved many from drought and epidemic. Thousands of people visited him to pay respect as he is well know for his magical powers. Some who visited him brought gold as gifts but e was never interested. Luang Phor Kob never talked much and when disciples asked him about his origins, he would reply to say that all these were not important but practicing the Buddha’s teachings is.

It was believed that Luang Phor Kob passed away in 1947. In the morning on the day which he pass away, it was that he asked the people to donate rice and some other foodstuff to the temple for a ceremony. When he received the donations, he set fire to the stuff and that was the last time that people saw Luang Phor Kob disappeared with the flame. Some have reported seeing Luang Phor Kob when they were in crisis and needed help.

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