Dzi Bead – Tibetan Bead 9 eyes dzi 九眼天珠



9 eyes Tibetan Dzi Bead 5.5cm

This is an authentic old Tibetan 9 eye Dzi

Reputed to be the most powerful and prized of all Dzi beads, a 9-eyed Dzi is believed to be able to gather the Nine-Fold Merits & bring immense benefits & the most complete blessings. It helps gain power, glory, influence, fame & reputation. 9-eyed Dzi bead also brings windfall & speculative luck, attracts good fortune, promotes health luck, encourages growth of compassion, clears obstacles in your life journey, & offers protection against misfortunes & negativity.

Tibetan Dzi Stone Beads meanings and pictures  

To Tibetans and other Himalayan people, the DZI is a “precious jewel of supernatural orig n” with great power to protect its wearer from disaster. The Tibetan people believe DZI beads are spiritual stones fallen from Heaven which bring good karma to those who own them. The ancient DZI absorbs cosmic energy from the universe. Tibetans generally believe that DZI beads are of divine origin and therefore not created by human hands. Some say they are dropped by the Gods to benefit those who have the good fortune to find them. Since they are believed to have a divine source, they are considered to be a very precious and powerful amulet. Beads can often be seen in Tibetan temples adorning the most revered statues and sacred relics. They are thought to bring good fortune, ward off evil, and protect the wearer from physical harm and illness. It has even been claimed by Tibetan refugees, that they protect the wearer from knife and bullet attacks!

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