created by LP PINA – 1st Batch

銮菩 匹那 第一帮幸运星

銮菩匹那 大师法相

銮菩匹那 庙寺原貌

雷電擊中后的 銮菩匹那廟寺



2012年10月15日 師傅的金身會從佛塔裡請出來供奉在廟裡。

銮菩匹那 師傅 的不朽肉身


銮菩匹那 大师法相

Luang Phor Pinad – Star Amulets

Although Luang Phor Pina Piyataro passed away several years ago, his name and amulets are as highly respected today as they were then. Amongst his many devotees are soldiers, physicians, police, etc.

It is thought that as a monk he had achieved  high-level meditation and Dharma. Extraordinarily even when he passed away he was sitting in meditation.  
As a monk he dedicated a lifetime cultivating and conquering his own mind to such an extent that he attained liberation from suffering by the attainment of the unconditioned, a state beyond the realms of what is commonly known. An ability to control the inner power of the mind.
His sacred amulets have always been of interest to many people from many walks of life, but the popularity became particularly widespread when news of his miraculous passing was made public.It is generally accepted that his incredible meditative power translated into highly efficacious amulets.
He learnt Dhama and sacred sciences from many senior monks, a topic I will discuss in the second part of this article in a few weeks

Luang Phor Pina never requested money or other forms of donation from the public or indeed those that worshipped him. Despite that Wat Sanomlao received a considerable  income because it was generally recognized that he was a virtuous monk , pure in mind and spirit and that any donations would be wisely used towards helping those that need it most. A trust that was proven time and time again.
Luang Phor Pina Piyataro passed away in B. E.2545. He only created a limited number of amulets throughout his life but all of them are highly sought after, some now fetching well in excess of 100,000 Baht.

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