Phra LuangPu Thuad, B.E. 2497 Pim Tor


Phra LuangPu Thuad

Wat Changhai


Small mould – (Pim Tor)


Herbal made

created by Ajahn Tim



佛历2497年 阿曾添恭制

泰国 北大年越昌海佛寺

AJ Tim 4


This chant is from the temple Wat Changhai ;

Namo Pothisato Akantimaya Itipakawa.

This chant can be apply on any LuangPu Thuad amulet, palms together to your chest level and recite 3 times. Best to chant on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

LuangPu Thuad is efficacious and will keep you safe from misfortune.

The initiation of LP Thuad votive tablets by AJ Tim, Wat Changhai in BE 2497 has hence provided miraculous protection to countless worshippers and has served as template for endless temples and monks to the current day.

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