Luang Phor Daeng’s 1st Batch Medal


Medal of  Luang Phor Daeng

1st Batch


Wat Khao Bandalit


LP Daeng'slpdaeng2

Luang Phor Daeng

B.E.2421 – 2517

Biograph of LP Daeng

LP Daeng, Wat Kao Bandai-it
LP Daeng’s formal monkhood name is ” PhraKru Yanwilas” but people popularly call him ” Luang Phor Daeng”.
LP Daeng ordained the monkhood in B.E.2441 and was a close disciple of LP Plian, the then Abbot of Wat Kao Ban Dai-it.
After LP Plian passed away in B.E.2461,
LP Daeng was learning Dhamma and magical khowledge with LP Chui of Wat Kongkaram, the greatest Guru of PetchBuri province.
In World War II,  LP Daeng created and presented his PhaYants (magic clothes) and Takruts to Soldiers and people.
When the Japanese troop landing in PraChuabKiriKhan Province which borders with Petchburi, a small group of soldiers and patriotic people fighted fearlessly. They were brave and unharmed due to LP Daeng’s amulets.
LP Daeng’s 1st batch medals, Takruts and other amulets weared by soldiers also declared their great efficacies on safty protection in Vietnam War.
And around 30 years ago, the LP’s fame was  jumped over the seas to Hong Kong.
Many Hong Konger film stars and celebrities including a lot of people popularly weared LP Daeng medals.
LP Daeng passed away in B.E.2517 at the age of 96 with 75 years of his monkhood.

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