Somdej Wat Rakhang, Roy Pee 2515


Somej Wat Rakhang Roy Pee B.E.2515

Wat Rakhang



This batch was known to go through grand mass chanting by many famous monks on 2514…

LP Thim – Wat Palelai Suphanburi,

LP Tunn – Wat Poh Nimit, LP Saeng – Wat Kalaya,

LP Nor Wat – Kangttaliah,LP Toh – wat Pradochimplee,

LP Thongyak – Wat Mainongpaong, Ajahn Suphot – Wat Suthat,

LP Lammon Wat Sadek, LP Tae (Wat Sam Ngam),

LP Wean (Wat Doi MaePang) and many others too. 

Somdej Roypee was made to commemorate Somdej Toh 100 years anniversary.

This amulet was chanted from B.E,2514 to B.E.2515 and distributed to the Public on the 22th June B.E.2515.


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  1. deric wong Says:

    Hi interested of rent this amulet still in stock ?? $$??

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