Medal of Luang Phor Klan, Wat Phayatigaram

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DSC07061  Medal of Luang Phor Klan

Wat Phayatigaram


lp kLAN  15

Luang Phor Klan of Wat Phayatigaram. Ayuttaya  (Overall Champion)

B.E 2390 ~ B.E 2477

The Top 10 monks of Thailand had many versions & many assumptions being discussed in many amulet’s forums which none of its version was confirmed & recognized in Thailand.

The one & only version that was fully recognized by old veterans coll…ectors in Thailand, was the one i had published.

It was not fully recorded but “The ceremony of Magic & Mental Power competition held in Year 2452 ” had been spreading down to this generation from the old veterans collector. It was happened in the Year 2452 in Nakon Phatom Province.

At that time the supreme Patriarch Somdet Pra SangKaarat (Kay)

of Wat Bowonniwet (Chief monks of Thailand) issued a invitation to all temples in all provinces to send representative mo…nk with high Wittayaakom (magic) & Palangjit(mental power) to participate of exchanges of knowledges in Wittayaakom (magic) & Palangjit (mental power), at the same time there will be a test of the power between the monks.

The response were overwhelmed as hundreds of monks from different provinces attended the ceremony which held beside at Wat Phra Pathtom Chedi for a period of 3 days & 3 nights. There was a most important & toughest event which monks had to use their mental power to move a carpenter’s plane from a starting point till a designated point & at the same time the monk had to use his mental power to move back the carpent…er’s plane from the designated point to the starting point. On this test ,many monks were able to use their mental power to move the carpenter’s plane from starting point to designated point BUT most of the monks failed to move it back from the designated point to starting point.

Except only 10 highly skilled monks passed the test. The 10 highly skilled monks as follows: LP Klan of Wat Phayatigaram.Ayuttaya. (Overall Champion)

LP Boon of Wat KangBanKeow. Nakon Phatom (Overall 2nd)

LP Suk of Wat MakhamTao.Chinat (Overall 3rd)

LP Yaim of Wat Nang.Bangkok (Overall 4th)

LP Ngern of Way BangKlann.Phicit (Overall 5th)

LP Taa of Wat Paniangdtaek.Nakon Phatom.(Overall 6th)

LP Tong of Wat KaoGaBotWaaSee.Nakon Sawan.(Overall 7th)

LP Pan of Wat Banghia. Samut Phrakam.(Overall 8th)

LP Yim of Wat Nongbua.Khachanaburi.(Overall 9th)

LP Jon of Wat Don-Ruap.Chumpon,(Overall 10th)


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