Ahchan Nam Roop Lor B.E.2519, Wat DonSala


阿占南 师傅 自身牌

Roop Lor Arjan Nam, 1st Batch

Wat DonSala


Roop Lor of B.E 2519 batch was made with 108 of sheet plate and steel bar with different type Material,

such as copper, gold, alloy, sheet plate.


Phra Arjan Nam (พระอาจารย์ นำ) of Wat DonSaLa Born in B.E 2434 August (Friday).

He learn magic spell from Arjan Thong Tao (Wat Kao Or) and passed away at 25 October 2519.

阿占南师傅(Wat DonSaLa)出生于B.E2434年8月星期5圆寂于2519年十月25日,享年85岁。

阿占南师承 Wat KaoOr 的 Arjan Thong Tao 而 阿占南 自身牌主要以避险闻名. 

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  1. acharn nam-Rooplor-BE 2519-Wat Donsala-To rent?

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