About Ahaina

Ahaina is about my private collection that I wish to share with everyone.

Anyone interested to discuss more about the collections and wish to contact me, please email me at ahaina@rocketmail.com

20 Responses to “About Ahaina”

  1. hi sir ,i want buy amulet from u ,can u contact me,0177885300

  2. I would like to talk to you to show some of my Buddha pendents some from Thailand and some from Cambodia made out of rare trees and rare stones and some with solid black jade with 24 kt gold trimming. My # 1-540-819-0445

  3. All da khun paen u kept is very beautiful.wanna sell?

  4. Hi bro…i also wanna buy some item from you
    Can i have your contact number?

  5. Anonymous Says:

    please u call back me 089 9739525 thailand i need buy phra soomkor

  6. please u call back me 0164011012 Malaysia.. i wan require with your BanJaPaKee

  7. ms tang Says:

    Hi, beside all the information given here, do u have any idea on butterfly amulet. I like it very much and am need ur advice on that amulet since we’re an ordinary people without much knowledgeable. Am intend to have one if u have it for sell. Thks

  8. I am interested in the benjapakee with necklace and tzi bead 2 eye with lek lai necklace. Pls contact me +6 016 2020 728

  9. Alex Wong Says:

    Phra Somdej Wat RaKhang

    How much

  10. hi , i wan to buy amulet from you , but how to contact with you ?

  11. Hi, how to contact you as i’m interested in Phra Somdej Wat RaKhang and LP Thuad

  12. Can you contact me.. Says:

    Please contact me..am interested in your amulets

  13. interest in ur lp pern tiger amulet

  14. sir , your amulet realy high quality , good condition , huge collection . i just wonder that u are one of the member or commutee sammakorn ? did u also provided service in checking amulet from others ?

  15. Hi,

    I just noticed you posted on Phar Somdej Bangkhunprom B.E.2509.

    May you help me to identify this Phar Somdej origin and its history please.

    Please find the Phra Somdej Amulet photos below link:

    Thanks a lot!

  16. The 2515 Luang Po Ngern how much you let go bro ?

  17. Be 2480 pra pidda for sales???

    Please apps me thanks

    +65 97563677

  18. sir ,i want buy amulet from u ,can u contact me,0175727227

  19. Tony Wong Says:

    Hi, may I ask you what are the prices of your Thai amulets? If the prices are reasonable I would like to get one or two. Thanks, Tony

  20. Good day .

    I would like to ask if Archan Thong Yant – 170 X 76 cm ,hand writing by LP Thong Wat Pakor could be available for invite ?

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