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Somdej Bangkhunprom, B.E.2509

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Somdej Bangkhunprom


Pim Get Bua Dtum (rare mould)

Perfect condition

Wat Bangkhunprom


somdej toh index

Somdej Toh

About 140 years ago, the sacred plaque Phra Somdej was made by Archan Toh who had built 3 temples which were respectively the ChaiYo Woraviharn, the Wat Rakang Kositaram and Wat Bangkhunprom (later divided into Wat Mai Amataros and Wat Intharaviharn). When Phra Somdej Toh was serving his last year term at Wat In (Wat Intarawihan) he made the last batch of sacred plaques and buried them all at the burial ground in a nearby chedi in Wat Amataros, at that time a short walking distance to Wat In located in Angtong province. In 2509, 2517 and 1931, Wat Bang Khun Prom used old broken amulets from Wat Mai Amataros, including those of Phra Somdej Archan Toh for new a new series of Phra Somdej.

Somdej Phra Phutdhajharn (Toh), Wat Rakang, made and blessed the most famous Somdej Wat Rakang between BE 2400-2413.

Somdej Toh passed away in BE 2415 (1872) at the age of 85. All his Somdej amulets were blessed by himself with ChinnaBanchorn Katha. Materials for making the Somdejs comprise: shell lime, Phong Vises ( holy powder), assorted flowers from shrine, rice remains after his consumption, lotus, banana, ashes from incense urns, honey, tang oil, etc.

The Phra Somdej amulet is probably the most popukar amulet in Thailand. It has been created by countless monks ever since the first Somdej amulet, Somdej Orahang or Ong Tee Neung, was consecrated by acting Supreme Patriart of Thailand, Phra Sankaraj Suk from Wat Mahathat in BE 2360-2363. It was this amulet that formed the template for the later and possibly greatest Somdej amulets of all time created by Somdej Phra Buddhacharn (Somdej Toh) from Wat Rakhang and Wat Bangkhunprom. Reference book: “Pra Bang Khun Prom 2509 and Powder Amulet of Wat Mai Ammataros” by Teerayuth Chong Boon Ya Nu Parb, illustrates 2509 batch, 2517 batch, 2531 batch, Somdet 100 Pee Wat Rakang, Somdet Luang Ta Pan, Somdet LP.Lampoo. Features, every pattern of each batch.

In BE 2509, when Wat Bang Khun Prom held a major celebration to build a large statue of Buddha and Pra Somdej Puttajahn (Toh Promarangsee), there was also a batch of somdej amulets of mixed powder being chanted. It is called mixed powder somdej because the amulets were mixed with many different types of amulets from old chedi all over thailand; old somdej amulets from Chedi of Wat Bang Khun Prom, amulets from Chedi of Wat Sahm Pheaum, amulets from Chedi of Wat Kroosalort, Ayutayah, Pra Nang Phayah amulets from Chedi of Pitsanulohk and even first batch of Wat Paknam amulets.

Mainly, this batch of somdej amulets was chanted for the purpose of replacing the broken old somdej amulets from the old chedi of Wat Bang Khun Prom. (The old chedi was opened in BE2500 and all the somdej amulets that were placed there by Pra Somdej Puttajahn Toh, a hundred of years ago were removed from the chedi to prevent further damage to the chedi and theft on the old somdej amulets) Half of the newly chanted somdej amulets would be placed inside the repaired chedi and the other half would be distributed to the public. As such, this batch of somdej amulets is also called Pra Somdej 09, meaning somdej amulets chanted in BE2509.

On 4th January BE2509, this batch of amulets was chanted at Wat Bang Khun Prom. There were many famous monks participated in the chanting:

1. Luang Poo Nak, Wat Rakang
2. Luang Por Ngern, Wat DornYaaiHorm
3. Luang Por Tae, Wat SahmNgahn
4. Luang Por Nor, Wat GlahngTahReau
5. Ajahn Tim, Wat Chiang Hai
6. Ajahn AmPon, Wat Prasat
7. Ajahn Dteum, Wat PraLory
8. Luang Por Horm, Wat ChakHaMahk
9. Tahn Jow Koon WimLaGitJahn, Wat ChaNaSongRahm
10. Pra Kru PlayWiSutTiWat, Wat Suttat

The materials that were used for this batch of amulets were:

1. Sea Shell Powder
2. Tang Tiw Oil
3. Sugar Cane Water
4. Many tins of broken Pra Somdej Bang Khun Prom from old Chedi
5. Powder from amulets of Wat Sahm Pheaum Chedi – 2 KG
6. Powder from amulets of Wat Kroosalort Chedi – 2 KG
7. Pra Wat Paknam first batch – 19 pieces
8. Pra Nang Phayah – 3 to 4 pieces
9. Incense Powder
10. Candles
11. Yellow Plaster
12. Flowers

There were a total of 14 different Pims created for this batch, but not all were placed into the Chedi. There different Pims and quantity of amulets placed inside the Chedi are:

1. Pim Yai – 10,500 pieces
2. Pim Trong Jedee – 10,500 pieces
3. Pim Tahn Saen – 10,500 pieces
4. Pim Prok Poh – 10,500 pieces
5. Pim Sen Daai – 10.500 pieces
6. Pim Sang Kah Ti – 10.500 pieces
7. Pim Tahn Koo – 10,500 pieces
8. Pim Sian Baht Ork Krut – 10,500 pieces
9. Pim Pra Norn – 509 pieces
10. Pim Jan Lory – 1,250 pieces
11. Pim Kanean See Leam – 209 pieces

Total pieces placed inside Chedi were 85, 968 pieces

The rest of the amulets which were distributed to the public, according to the records are:

1. Pim Yai – 10,209 pieces
2. Pim Trong Jedee – 12,509 pieces
3. Pim Tahn Saen – 8,000 pieces
4. Pim Prok Poh – 6,000 pieces
5. Pim Sen Daai – 9,500 pieces
6. Pim Sang Kah Ti – 11,000 pieces
7. Pim Tahn Koo – 8,000 pieces
8. Pim Sian Baht Ork Krut – 7,200 pieces
9. Pim Pra Norn – 509 pieces
10. Pim Jan Lory – 790 pieces
11. Pim Kanean See Leum – 700 pieces
Total pieces distributed to public were 74,417 pieces

In addition there were 3 more pims, but there were no records of how many pieces were chanted. They are ; Pim Get Bua Dtum, Pim Roop Meuan Somdej Puttajahn Toh Hah Leam and Pim Roop Meuan Somdej Puttajahn Toh See Leam.

One important thing to note about this batch of somdej amulets, is that every pieces of amulets are different and not the same in terms of clarity and sizes, this is because this batch of amulets were hand made. Due to the mixtures of many types of powders, the colour of the amulets also varies from one another, some are more white, so more yellowish and some even can see old somdej powder. In regards, to the temple chop at the back of the amulet, some amulets has a clearer chop, some lighter, some darker and some without chop.

Pra Somdej Bahng Khun Prom Roon 09 is as good as the old somdej Bahng Khun Prom chanted by Pra PuttaJahn Toh, this is because it contained the old somdej powder. Not only it was chanted by many famous and good monks, it was chanted for a good purpose as well. Good for metta mahaniyom (loving kindness), Kong Grapan (invulnerable against weapons), Klaew Klah (protection) etc. Ultimately, the use of this amulet depends on the wearer himself.

BKP Pim Ya


Phra Somdej Bangkhunprom, B.E.2509

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Wat Bangkhunprom

Somdej Bangkhunprom

B.E.2509 – Pim A  

Perfect condition 



泰国 曼谷

越满坤逢大模 – 特优级收藏

颂迪 满坤逢 佛历 2509 年盛大制作



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