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Somdej Wat RaKhang Pim Prok Pho 崇迪瓦拉康菩提树模

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Phra Somdej Wat RaKhang – Phim Prok Pho



General Background of Somdej Wat Rakhang

somdej toh katha dsc06190

Somdej Phra Phuttacharn (Toh Promrungsri)

B.E.2331 ~ B.E.2415

Somdej Phra Phuttacharn(Toh), Wat Rakhang, made and blessed top famous Somdej Wat Rakhang between B.E.2400-2413.

He passed away in B.E.2415 at the age of 85.

His all Somdej amulets were blessed by himself with ChinnaBanchorn Katha.

Materials for making the Somdejs comprise:

shell lime, Phong Vises ( holy powder), assorted flowers from shrine, rice remains after his consumption, lotus, banana, ashes from incense urns, honey, tang oil, Relic, Gem, jade, broken Phra Soomkor images.., etc…

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