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Roop Lor Luang Phor Ngern, Wat Bangklan, Pichit

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Roop Lor Luang Phor Ngern

Pim Niyong B.E.2460

Wat Bangklan




Luang Phor Ngern – Wat BangKlan

B.E.2353 – B.E.2462

Luang Phor Ngern – Wat Bang Klan, Pichit

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Luang Phor Ngern

Wat Bang Klan

Lang Phor Ngern
B.E.2353 – B.E.2462
Luang Phor Ngern was born in B.E 2353, at Bang-Klan Sun District, Pichit Province and passed away on september 20, B.E. 2462. He lived a very long life of 109 years.
At the age of 12, he became a student of Luang-Pu-Suk of Pak-Klong-Makarm-Tao Temple. When Luang Phor Ngern reached the age of 25, he returned to Bang-Klan Temple in Pichit Province. He was very well known for making sacred holy water. One day there was a Chinese businessman asking Luang Phor Ngern to make sacred holy water for him, to take back for drinking and bathing for good luck and increased prosperity through business dealing. Luang Phor Ngern lighted up a candle and had a long conversation with this Chinese. This Chinese felt that it took long enough time already, and he then asked Luang Phor Ngern ” When would Luang Phor Ngern be finished with his making of sacred holy water ? ” Luang Phor Ngern replied ” It was finished already “. The Chineseman argued that he didn’t see Luang Phor Ngern  do anything about making sacred holy water thus. He became dissatisfied and brought back the container filled with sacred holy water. When he reached the front of Temple, located on the river bank. The Chinese tried to throw away the sacred holy water from his container. No matter how much he tried, the sacred holy water wouldn’t flow out from his opened container. Miraculous powers of Luang Phor Ngern, were very widely known throughout Chao-Phra-Ya River. Even Kom-Luang-Chum-Porn, who was the son of of King Rama Five and was the most favorite student of Luang-Pu-Suk of Pak-Klong-Makarm-Tao Temple, had to entrust himself to be a student of Luang Phor Ngern. Kom-Luang-Chum-Porn was the Prince, who was very fond of studding and pact-icing incarnation under Luang-Pu-Suk for many years. After completing his incarnation study, he still wished to learn more, so Luang-Pu-Suk introduced the prince to contact Luang Phor Ngern, who was more senior as well as possessed stronger miraculous powers than Luang-Pu-Suk. At the time when Kom-Luang-Chum-Porn arrived at Bang-Klan Temple by boat, it happened that Luang Phor Ngern had already waited for him on the River Bank without prior notice. At the same times Luang Phor Ngern also exhibited the miracle powers by walking on the surface of water to greet Kom-Luang-Chum-Porn, then asked Luang Phor Ngern ” How did you know that I was coming ? “. Luang Phor Ngern replied ” Luang-Pu-Suk told me through telepathy “.
Buddhist amulets of Luang Phor Ngern were made in year B.E. 2460, consisting of 4 different molds as follow :
1) Popular Mold, 2) ” Kee-Ta ” Mold ( First 2 Molds are considered to be the King of the top five of Buddhist amulet Molds in Thailand ),
3) Big spade Mold, 4) Small spade Mold, ( Last 2 Molds are considered to be the King of the top five of Buddhist amulets of Luang Phor Ngern possessed broad spiritual values with respect to increasing charms and loving-kindness, promoting prosperity and luck, escaping from dangers and enhancing safety and attaining proof against weapons.


Luang Phor Ngern



created by Luang Phor Ngern

披集府、越勉亢 – 财佛、銮菩银 在泰國民 眾心目中,極有名的 招財神僧,只要信奉他,就會與 貧窮畫上句號,遠離貧窮走向財富,師傅 用畢生心力只製造一次佛牌,為 鑾菩銀 立尊法相 ( 俗稱泰國財佛 ),全數大概 5000多尊,共四個不同模形,利用一些 “ 古老鎖匙 ” 及多種金屬溶化,這批佛牌亦被称 為全泰從古至今招財最靈驗佛牌聖物,泰國很多富商巨賈身上,都佩帶一尊,連亞洲的富商 前泰国首相達信,據稱亦佩帶此牌。 故举凡拥有之人日后必非富则貴,財源不絕,而師傅親手督造的真品佛牌,現在最便宜版本 大概都上百萬泰幣 …

鑾菩銀 大師親制之“財佛” 法相

佛历 2460年


鑾菩銀常說: 能醫者而不能自醫 … 師傅在佛歷 2462年 ( 西歷1919年 ) 10月10日圓寂,享年109 高壽 。


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财佛 銮菩银

Luang Phor Ngren

Pim Kee-Ta

created by Wat Bang Klan

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