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Phra Pidta, LP Kaew 必达缴 . 掩面佛

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Phra Pidta

 Luang Phor Kaew

Wat Kruawan


LP Kaew was born in year 2385 and passed away in year 2470 at the age of 85.

Ven. started consrecative Phra Pidta during his mid 40s to 50s.

We are afraid we can’t produce any photos or portraits of Ven. cos it was no where to be seen.

Though his Phra Pidta was known to be of “Maha Amnat” and “Maha Kungkaphan”, but that was because Ven. is from Petburi, a town that was very much of a cowboy town those days.

Therefore his skills are prevalent of “Amnat” and “Kungkaphan”, which isn’t a surprise. Actually Ven.

LP Kaew’s Phra Pidta is famous because of

“Maha Chok” (Luck) and

“Maha Metta” (Loving-kindness)

春武里府, 拍必达 ~ 掩面佛

龙波 必达缴


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