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Toh Rajah Phra Pidta, 督拉惹銮菩孔必达遮面佛

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 督拉惹亲制 半手工模子 必达, 佛历2480


Phra Pidta, Pim Lek


Wat Ban Sae

Created by Tok Raja


Tok Raja ap_f23_200812161220024555b15d

This Pidta, BE2480 was created by Tok Raja can said to be the Pidta king of Pidta amulets.

Amulet collectors also eagerly
seek this Pidta amulet because this batch of amulets is reputedly effective for wearing (ie: it is powerful),

and worth it to collect
(it has amulet collector’s monetary investment value)

督拉惹-銮菩孔必达遮面佛 佛历 2480年(小模)


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