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Tibetan Bagua amulet 藏传 – 九宫牌

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Tibetan Bagua amulet

藏传 – 九宫牌





则 天、地、时、日、月、星、辰 都会 相生相合,万事顺意,

同理可解释 宇宙中其它事物相生相合的道理,

八卦为 – 乾、坤、坎、離、震、巽、艮、兌。

代表 – 天、地、水、火、雷、風、山、澤 , 八种事物。

Phra Pidta, LP Kaew 必達缴遮面佛

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Phra Pidta

created by Luang Phor Kaew

Wat Kruawan


春武里府, 拍必达~遮面佛



The First Medals of Wat Changhai, B.E.2500

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The First Medals of Wat Changhai

Phra LuangPu Thuad (Copper made)

created by Acarya Tim


AJ Tim 4


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1st batch B.E.2493



Wat Pak-Nam Buddhist amulet are Noted for their spiritual values such as; Increasing Charms and Loving-Kindness, Enriching Prosperity and Most Important being Safe from Travel Accidents…..


佩戴龙波速的佛牌相传简列三个实例, (转贴玉佛行宗教文物录)

1,德国人坠机毫无损伤之报道 – 因是佩戴越北南之佛牌。




Somdej Sod

A guy who was saved from the accident confirmed that Luang Pu helped him. Who is Luang Pu?

Please click and read; Desktop Version Desktop Version

Phra LuangPu Thuad, Archan Thong

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Phra LuangPu Thuad

Phra LuangPu Thuad

Phra LuangPu Thuad, “Phra Rod style”created by Archang Thong (Luang Phor Thong) Wat Pakor, Thailand, Hat Yai.

Phra LuangPu Thuad is inspirational image,  Spiritual values ; increasing charms and loving – kindness, enriching prosperity and most importantly being safe from travel accidents ect…..

泰南合艾、銮菩通大师亲制之草药 – 龙菩托法像,(拍洛模)  “此批龙菩托法像药草圣牌於出庙后发生了无数次佩戴者发生了不可思议逢凶化吉的显化事迹而在泰、马、新一带盛传开来” 。。。。。。。

An amazing Takruts, Luang Phor Chamlong

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Luang Phor Chamlong - an amazing Takruts

An amazing Takruts, created by Luang Phor Chamlong, Wat Chedi Deang.

Little needs to be said about this amazing Takrut, the video says its all. Furthermore the name itself suggests the inherent properties, Takrut Tone means the “one and only” and offers extreme protection from weapons and a long life. This Takrut is also ideal for attraction and Matta ~ (love, kindness)

Made from lead plate used for lining coffins,  engraved with the sacred yant Chaliao Petch, rolled and laced with holy thread before coloring, lacquering and gilding

The power of the takrut is demonstrated as Luang Phor Chamlong blesses a worshipers back with sacred water and attempts to pierce the flesh ten times.
During the video it is further explained that such protection is based on a very strong belief and respect for the takrut.

An amazing Takruts Video show LIVE 神奇符卷现场录像

Phra Luasi – The Ruesii Hermit statue

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Phra Luasi statue.

Phra Luasi statue.

Phra Luasi, Luang Phor Pomma, Wat Pim Sanakong.

Phra Luangpu Thuad , B.E.2505

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Phra Luangpu Thuad, B.E.2505

Jatukam Ramathep, Wat Mahathat.

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Jatukam Ramathep, Wat Mahathat, B.E.2549, Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Jatukam Ramathep, B.E.2549, Wat Mahathat, Nakhon Si Thammarat.

Luangpu Dang B.E.2472

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Luangpu Dang pendant, Wat Khao Bandalit, B.E.2472. Petchburi.

Luangpu Dang pendant, Wat Khao Bandalit, B.E.2472. Petcburi.

This Luangpu Dang pendant was found under the Buddha images at Wat Khao Bandalit, Petchburi.  when the temple was under renovation. Based on recorded history, in B.E 2472, Master Dang once made a batch of Buddha pendants.  However, they could not be found until the temple underwent renovation works. The other Buddha pendants which were also found in the temple include Somdej, Sankaccaya, Nanpaya, Phra Pidta, suteete; etc……..

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