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Phra Kring Paireephinatch, Wat Boworn 2495

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越波旺 拍吟 药师佛

Kring Paireephinatch Buddha

angled Lotus base


Wat Boworn




Pagoda Buddha image

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Phra Buddha image

The mini size antique PHRA BUDDHA Pendant, 0.7cm X 1.6cm (Thailand Buddha Images Museum) Pagoda at AYUTTHAYA. 300+years above.

Phra Somdej image, Ayudhya, 颂绿-大城府

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Phra Somdej

Phra Somej

Phra Somdej image,“Ka-Toh” style, Ayudhya.

Medal of Buddha image, 富 贵 吉 祥 龟 佛 像

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Medal of Buddha image

Medal of Buddha image

This medal turtle-shaped  Buddha image is in my collection for many years when I was young, but I can’t remember the name of  Buddha call & Temple that issued it. If any readers or collectors know details of its history, please leave comments here. Thank and regards! by AHAINA

To Buddha, conquering posture, Ayutthaya.

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To Buddha, conquering posture, Ayutthaya.

拍甘烹碧顺哥大模佛像 ( 富贵佛 )甘烹碧府 , Phra Soomkor Buddha, Kamphangphet.

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Phra Kamphang Soomkor, size large, Kamphangphet.

五方佛之 ~ 富贵佛  ~ 拍甘烹碧顺哥佛牌 – 大模佛像 , 甘烹碧府 。

Phra Soomkor Buddha Pendant, size large, without decorative design style, Kamphangphet.

Phra Kamphang Soomkor, Kamphangphet

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Phra Soomkor, size medium, Kamphangphet.

Antique Buddha amulet, China

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Antique Buddha amulet, China.

Antique Buddha amulet, China.

Phra Khun Paen Buddha, Wat Ban Krang

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Phra Khun Paen Buddha pendant, Suphanburi, Wat Ban Krang.

The antique Buddha amulet

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Phra Buddha image

antique mini size

300+years above

Opening Gru item – red rust


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