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Dragon Palad Khik (Ivory) LP Seng

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Ivory Dragon Palad Khik

created by Luang Phor Seng

Wat BangNa

Ivory Buddha 象牙 佛主雕像

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Ivory Buddha

Ivory Phra LuangPu Thuad, Wat Changhai,

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北大年, 越昌海


This Luangpu Thuad pendant was created by Wat Changhai, Pattanee,  using  an antique ivory  from an ancient Woolly Mammoth, contain year 2497 holy wahn powder and Lek-Lai in the bottom base.

The pendant is commissioned specially for the temple’s committee and is rare because it is a limited edition issue.

此尊龙波托佛像是由越 昌海理事用已绝迹的万年毛象牙雕刻而成,佛像下方塞有 2497 经粉和一粒矿石, 数量希少 。


Majestic Lion Buddha, Ivory image

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Majestic Lion Buddha – Ivory, L P Doem.

Xing – Majestic Lion Buddha, antique Ivory pendant, made by Luang Phor Doem of  Wat Nong Po – Nakhon Sawan.

Phra Pidta Ivory image

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Phra Pidta Buddha, Antique Ivory.

Phra Pidta Buddha, Antique Ivory.

Phra Pidta Buddha, Antique Ivory.

Phra Pidta Buddha, Antique Ivory.

The antique amulet

Ivory Buddha Pendants, 弥勒菩萨托元宝像

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Maitreya / Laughing Buddha, Ivory.
Maitreya / Laughing Buddha, Ivory
长久以来,弥勒佛在民间地位崇高,也称 “ 未来佛 ” 护佑众生心境平和宽广,身心健康,财源广纳。

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