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Phra Kring Sam Po Kong, 1st batch, 药师佛

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Phra Kring - face

Phra Krin - rear

PHRA KRING SAM PO KONG, 药师三保佛公, 1st batch, Wat Phra Nan Chern, AYUTTHAYA,.

Phra Kring - silver base

The spiritual valurs of Phra Kring with possessing charms and loving-kindness, escaping from dangers and enhancing safety, being triumphant over one’s enemies and making sacred holy water for treating illness…

Phra Pam Nakpork, Ayudhya, 大城府-星期六佛

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Phra Nakpork

Phra Nakpork

Phra Pam NakPork, Saturday Buddha image, Gru Wat Rachaburana, Ayudhya.

Phra Chai Mongkon, Ayudhya period.

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Phra Chai Mongkon.

Buddha image, Ayudhya period, with ornament, seated lap-span not exceeding 4 in.

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