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Ra-Hu, Ball style 法丸-拉胡

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Phra Pidta Ra-Hu, Ball style, Nawa made, created by Kuba Phra

Wat Si Dong Moon

Chiang Mai

Rahu, the north node, is equated with Saturn the great malefic by Vedic Astrologers. A strong Rahu gives the individual worldly powers and success. In the spiritual realm, Rahu can give psychic powers, but also there may be danger from drugs, and danger from black magic. On the positive side, the influence of Rahu can put us in harmony with collective trends and give popularity, prestige, fame and power.

Kuba Srivichai, Chiang Mai, 库巴斯里威猜

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Kuba Srivichai - face

Kuba Srivichai - rear

泰北清迈高僧 – 库巴斯里威猜

Kuba Srivichai image, B.E.2525., Lampoon Prow Province, Wat Thong Wu, Chiang Mai.

Kuba Srivichai image, Chiang Mai

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Kuba Srivichai image

Kuba Srivichai image

泰北高僧 – 库巴斯里威猜

Kuba Sri-Vi-Chai, Lampoon Prow Province, Wat Lanpang / Wat Phrathat  “ 清迈、双龙寺 ”  Chiang Mai.

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