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Medal of Luang Phor Ngern B.E.2498

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Medal of Luang Phor Ngern


Wat Dorn Yai Horm


LP Ngern Wat Donyaihom 1

Luang Phor Ngern Juntasuwanno, Wat DonYaiHom was born on the 16thSeptember BE 2433, or the 10th month of the tiger year according to the Thai lunar calendar. He was ordained on May 18th BE 2453, aged 20, and died on the 13thJanuary BE 2520, having served Buddhism for 66 years.

His most famous and popular series of sacred amulets was created in B.E.2492 on the occasion of his 60th -birthday-celebration ceremony. These amulets were called Rian Bai Sema because they were designed like Bai Sema (the Thai-classical-leaf-shape stones, which were usually put on the top of temple fences) and all of the amulets were made of copper covered with rak.

He also created several other series of famous amulets, including rien and phra pong.

LP Ngern was considered a great and merciful monk. Known for his strict adherence to the Tripitaka and extremely knowledgeable in Wicha and Kaata Akom.

His followers believed that he possessed the power to accomplish Apinya or dark magic. People who are in possession of his amulets have on many occasions reported amazing good fortune..

RoopLor Luang Phor Ngren 銮菩银

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Roop Lor Luang Phor Ngern

Pim Royong


Wat Bangklan


銮 菩 银 财佛 Luang Phor Ngern, Wat Bangkhian

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Phra Luang Phor Ngern


 Wat Bangkhian


披集府、越勉亢 – 财佛、銮菩银
在泰國民 眾心目中,極有名的 招財神僧,只要信奉他,就會與 貧窮畫上句號,遠離貧窮走向財富,
師傅 用畢生心力只製造一次佛牌,為 鑾菩銀 立尊法相 ( 俗稱泰國財佛 ),全數大概 5000多尊,共四個不同模形,利用一些 “ 古老鎖匙 ” 及多種金屬溶化,
這批佛牌亦被称 為全泰從古至今招財最靈驗佛牌聖物,
泰國很多富商巨賈身上,都佩帶一尊,連亞洲的富商 前泰国首相達信,據稱亦佩帶此牌。
故举凡拥有之人日后必非富则貴,財源不絕,而師傅親手督造的真品佛牌,現在最便宜版本 大概都上百萬泰幣 …
Lang Phor Ngern
B.E.2353 – B.E.2462
Luang Phor Ngern. Wat Bangklan is highly respected even to this day and in particular for his sacred power and amulets. Popular pims include his RoopLor Loy Ong the amulet for which he is best known but also other amulets such Pim Niyom, Pim Kidta, Pim Job Yai, Pim Job Lek, etc.
Luang Por Ngern was born in B.E.2353 during the reign of King Rama I at Bangklan Village, Pijit Province. His education began at Wat Tongpu (Wat Chanasongkram) in Bangkok where he was also ordained at the age of 20 years. He remained here to practice meditation.

During that time Somdej Pra Buddhachan Toh was still living and LP Ngern visited Wat Rakhang on many occasions to pay respect and also learn sacred sciences.

Thereafter he visited Wat Kongkaram in Pijit Province where he also spent considerable time tudong. It was during this time that he was to visit Wantago village where he planted three Bhoti tree saplings. Whilst in payer he promised to construct a temple on that spot should the saplings mature.

The rest is history, Wat Bangklan as it is was then known was built. The official name for this temple is Wat Hirunyaram. Luang Phor Ngern passed away in B.E.2462, aged 109 years and having served the Buddhist faith for 90 years.


LP Ngern, Wat Bangklan, is an old time top great Guru monk living contemporarily with Somdej PhraPhutdhacharn (Toh) of Wat Rakhang. He is highly revered by people due to his ultra Dhamma practice and miraculous phenomena of his amulets, even his photo has caused gun misfired !!
LP Ngern passed away in B.E. 2462 at the age of 109. Acharn Jae was the successive Abbot of Wat BangKlaan after LP Ngern.


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财佛 銮菩银

Luang Phor Ngren

Pim Kee-Ta

created by Wat Bang Klan

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