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Medal of Luang Phor Yiam

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Medal of Luang Phor Yiam


Wat Nang

LP Yiam A002-001

Luang Phor Yiam
5th August B.E 2375 – 29th April B.E 2469 


Medal of Luang Phor Yiam

Phra Pidta, LuangPu Yiam, Wat Sapansoong

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Phra Pidta, B.E.2410

Created by LuangPu Yiam

Wat Sapansoong


The amulet is powder based mixed with holy materials and the black-varnish tree powder.

The amulet is approximately in B.E. 2410 The Pims that found public favour are called “Pim Dhamada”

LuangPu Yiam, B.E.2359 – 2439


Phra Pidta is supposed to offer various levels of protection, and indeed it can if we remember that our misfortune arises from what we see, say or hear.;

Pidta cover his eyes to remind us to beware of what we see; cover his mouth to remind us of the dangers of the tongue and his ear to draw our attention to the dangers of gossip…

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