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Medal of Luang Phor Bann’s

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Medal of Luang Phor Bann’s

Wat Bang Hia

Samut Prakan

LP Parn, Wat Bang Hia lph wbh

Luang Phor Bann’s

B.E.2367 – B.E.2453

Luang Phor Pann’s was born in 1825 in the reign of King Rama III.

During the era of King Rama V, he was the abbot of Wat BangHia at Samut Prakan province.

The name of the Temple was subsequently changed to Wat KlongDan when the area was renamed KlongDan and finally renamed Wat MongkonKotawas by King Rama V.

It was believed that
one day, King Rama V went to visit Luang Phor Bann’s to discuss about how to solve the flood problem in that area and he stayed at his temple.

Luang Phor Pann’s felt honoured and wanted to give some Khiao Seua as a special gift to the king.

He asked a young boy named Bok to bring them along on a chanting plate to the place where the king was resting. While approaching the place, the young boy toppled against an obstruction and lost his balance. As a result, some of the Khiao Seuas dropped to the ground and were lost in the bushes. The boy panicked and quickly dashed to Luang Phor Pann’s who immediately instructed him to look for a piece of meat and poked it through with a stick. He chanted the meat and instructed the boy to sweep it around the bush as though sweeping the floor. After that the stick with the meat was placed on the chanting plate where the Khiao Seuas were missing. Within minutes, the plate was filled with Khiao Seuas that were missing. King Rama V who witnessed the whole incident and was very delighted and personally told Luang Phor Pann’s that he was deeply impressed.

Today, LP Pann’s tiger amulets made of tiger tooth is considered the No.1 Kreung Ruang amulets in Thailand.


Wat Bang Hia

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