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Phra Rod

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Phra Rod

Mahawan Lampoon Provincen 

Phra Rod Mahawan, 帕洛玛哈弯

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 DSC07671DSC07672帕洛佛像, 玛哈弯


Phra Rod


LamPoon Province



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Gru Wat Maha-Wan

Lam-Poon Province

Maha-wan Temple is a very old Temple, built more than than 1,200 years ago in Phra-Nang-Jarm-Thevee era.

Thai people regard this particular amulet as Buddha of Escape.Meaning the wearer would be able to escape from or avoid direct danger or misfortune.

These amulets are the smallest but also the oldest amulets found in the Bejapakee set and they are made of clay mixed with various herbs.

The legend says that these amulets been created during the crown ceremony for princess Jarma Thewee to be the first ruler of Haripunchai (Lam-Poon).

The oldest Phra Rod amulets could be dated to be approximately over 1000 years old.Best and most expensive pieces are from Wat Maha-wan in Lam-Poon.

Phra Rod , Wat Mahawan, LamPhun

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Phra Rod Phim Lek, face

Wat Mahawan, Phra Rod, small style, face

Phra Rod, back

Lam Phun, Phra Rod, small style, back

Phra Rod have superb buddhistic power, especially in protection and being safe from all dangers and disasters, So ” called ” the buddha amulet being safe from all dangers, An addition, they still have buddhistic power is good fortune and charming second to name of being safe from alldanger and disashers.

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