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Luang Phor Tim, Phra NakProk, 七龙首佛

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Phra Nakprok 

(Silver) with Gold casing


Limited quality less than 200pcs

LP Tim photo dsc02795

Created by Luang Phor Tim

Wat Lahanrai




Luang Phor Tim was born in Ban Hua Tunnttabuon, Tambon Laharn, Ampher Bannkaii, Jungwat Rayong on the 16th June BE 2422 in the year of the Rabbit. He was named Tim, and his family name was Ngamsii.

At the age of 17 his father, Kheh, sent to Tan Phor Singh to study, returning home at the age of 19 and was ordained as a monk at Wat Thatkaow on the 7th June BE 2499. He was ordained by Phrakru Kaow, Archan Singh and Archan Kehh and was given the religious name of Issaliko.

After spending a year in Wat Thatkaow, he retreated in the forest for a period of three years, after which he went to Wat Narmathom in Chengwat Chonburi for two years. Luang Phor Tim learned Wijja (magic) with Ajahan Lod, Ajahn Lem and Ajahn Saii. He also studied with his Uncle Luang Phor Song Thao of Wat Kongchin.

It was from this uncle that Luang phor Tim inherited a book of Wicha and Arkom. Luang Phor Tim became the Abbot of Wat Lahanrai where he was a strict and diligent practioner of the Dhamma.

He was known to be a very good monk and possessed few worldly materials. In the hut where he stayed, he only had a pillow and a mat with no electricity. He lived a simple life. He passed away on the 18th October BE 2518 having spent 72 years in the Sangha.

Phra Nakprok, LP Boon

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Phra Nakprok

Herbs made with scared soil and pollen

created by Luangpu Boon


Wat Klang Bangkaew


LP Boon

Luangpu Boon

3rd July B.E. 2391 – 8th April B.E. 2478 



This dramatic statute depicts the Buddha sitting in meditation protected by a cobra hood.

The Buddha sits cross-legged in meditation, with overlapping hands, palms upwards, whilst Mucalinda, the cobra (King of Naga) spreads its hood above the Buddha’s head.

Buddha name : Phra Naga Prok (protection) / Paang Naga Prok / Phra NakProk

7 Naga Phra NakProk, Chao Khun Nor

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7 Naga Phra NakProk

7 Naga Phra NakProk

This piece shown is the 7 Naga Phra NakProk, big bodhi style, created by Chao Khun Nor, B.E.,2513, Wat Dhepsirin, Bangkok.

Dhan Chao Khun Noraratanarajmanit, or Chao Khun Nor, (1857-1971) was one of Thailand’s most revered monks. The Buddha amulets he blessed are still considered very sacred and are highly sought after by collectors and devotees.

The spiritual values of Chao Khun Nor’s amulet “7 Naga Phra NakProk” are concerned with; increasing charms and loving-kindness, enriching prosperity through business dealing, promoting good health and most importantly preventing ~ missing accident and promoting safety…

Phra Nakprok Buddha, Ayutthaya.

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Phra Nakpork, glazed, Luangpu Aan, Pra Yati monastery, Ayudhya.

Phra Nakprok, glazed, Luangpu Aan, Wat Pra Yati, Ayutthaya.

Phra Nakpork, glazed, Luangpu Aan, Pra Yati monastery, Ayudhya.

Phra Nakprok, glazed, Luangpu Aan, Wat Pra Yati, Ayutthaya.

This Nakprok pendant  was made by Luangpu Aan, Pra Yati monastery, Ayutthaya.

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