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Phra Nakprok (saturday buddha)

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香味 药草 七龙头佛像

Phra NakProk

Wahn made

Wat Toong Noi


This dramatic statute depicts the Buddha sitting in meditation, protected by a cobra hood. The Buddha sits cross-legged in meditation, with overlapping hands, palms upwards, whilst Mucalinda, the cobra (King of Naga) spreads its hood above the Buddha’s head.

Buddha name : Phra Naga Prok (protection) / Paang Naga Prok / Phra NakProk

Phra Nakprok Buddha

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Phra Nakprok, Wat Palelai, size large, Suphanburi.

Phra Nakpork, Nakhonpatom, 星期六佛

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Phra NakPork image

Phra NakPork image

Phra NakPork, Saturday Buddha image, Nakhonpatom

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