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Phra Phim Somdet, Luang Phor Toh

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Phra Phim Somdet, size small

created by Luang Phor Toh

Wat PradooChimplee


Somdet pendant , 颂绿 穿顶佛牌

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颂绿 穿顶佛牌,香味药草制

Phra Somdej image, wahn made

Wat Tom Noi


Phra Somdej Watrakang, pim prophor 颂德越拉康菩提树模

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Phra Somdej Watrakang

Pim Prophor


Wat RaKang Somdej Pendant / Luangpu Nak B.E.2500 -Bell Niche style Somdej

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Bell niche style Somdej, Wat RaKang.  Luangpu Nak, B.E.2500.

Bell niche Style Somdej, Wat RaKang. Luangpu Nak, B.E.2500.

Phra Somdej Bangkhunphrom 拍颂绿曼坤逢

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Phra Somdej Bangkhunphrom, pagoda image.

Phra Somdej Bangkhunphrom, Pagoda image.

This Phra Somdej Bangkhunphrom image was found in a Bangkhunphrom monastery the old pagoda at B.E.,2500. Bangkok.

Possessed special spiritual values with respect to : Enhancing personal power, increasing charms and loving-kindness, preventing/missing accident and promoting safety and making sacred holy water for treating various illnesses.

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